Create a wanted poster, infographic or presentation the computing scientist Tim Berners-Lee.

Your poster must have the following information:
  • Poster MUST be neat, colourful, carefully done, and easy to understand.
  • Picture of what they look like.
  • First, Middle and Last name (if all apply) of your computer scientist
  • Birth date.
  • In what country was this person born and where did he/she do his/her work? (University, government, secret society!)
  • For what reason is this person famous (wanted)? 5-8 sentences, in your own words.
  • Five facts (or quotes by that person) that you found interesting.
  • Send to your teacher on Edmodo.
  • Your name on the bottom right corner.
You will present your poster and you will need to give a 2 minute presentation to the class about your famous scientist!

Credits to [here] for original