Watch this short video which explains how to create a very simple web page using HTML

Task 1:
Create a simple web page using HTML and a text editor such as Notepad or TextEdit.
Here are a list of HTML commans you should use
  • html - all web pages should begin with and <html> tag and end with a </html> tag
  • head - the head of the web page
  • title - the title of the web page, this goes into the head of the web page
  • body - the main body of the web page
  • center - centre text (note the American spelling)
  • br - line break
  • font face = "arial" - set the font to arial
  • font size = "5" - set the font to size 5

The w3schools website has a more detailed list of HTML codes .

1. Add an image to your website.
2. Create a second web page and use a links to link from one page to the other?
3. Create a link from a web page to an external web site.