Task 1:

Your teacher will demonstrate how to use tables in Kompozer. Your task is to use a table to create a simple layout for a web page.

This plan shows the dimensions you should use for the table in your webpage. If a row or colum has no specified dimensions in pixels, then you can chose the size of it yourself within reason:

table formatting plan.png

Your web page should look like this:
table formatting web page.png

Here are the images you need:
table pic 3.pngtable pic 2.pngtable pic 1.png

Task 2:

Create your own picture web page using a table layout of your own design. Collect a some scrap paper from your teacher and use it to create a design similar to the one in task one. Mark the dimensions of the table in pixels and show which cellshave been merged.

Collect the images you want to use from the internet. You will have to resize them to dimesions that match the cell they are to be inserted into using paint. Your teacher will show you how to do this if you are unsure.

Assemble your pictures into a web page matching the layout of your design using Kompozer